CCSS is Primed for Growth with Team Addition and New Website

CCSS is Primed for Growth with Team Addition and New Website

CCSS Welcomes Jeff Altman 

We are excited to announce the addition of Jeff Altman to the CCSS team. Jeff joined a few months ago and is heading up the sales effort for CCSS. He has already made an impact on our quest to be the best ERP implementation company within 200 miles of Indianapolis. Jeff’s focus on serving customers during and after the sale, his attention to detail and his successful career prior to CCSS make him a great fit and welcome addition to our team. He believes that a successful ERP implementation requires a great product combined with an excellent and committed reseller. Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry and has witnessed the rapid rise of the internet and the move to cloud-based applications.

Jeff Altman

Check out our new website

You may have noticed that we recently launched a new website. The new website is designed to showcase our focus on serving customers in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Choosing the right technology and the right team to successfully implement solutions can be a challenge. Our new website highlights these ERP partners and provides product updates and other news. We welcome your comments and suggestions as we continue to improve the site. Check it out at