What is the Best HVAC Software?

What is the Best HVAC Software?

HVAC field management software helps businesses manage inventory, make life easier for employees, and better serve both commercial and residential customers. But with many free and paid options on the market, how can you know what is the best HVAC software for your small business? The answer lies in understanding the business requirements these products can help you meet and matching those needs to a resource management software that can grow with your business.

What HVAC Business Requirements Can Field Service Software Help With?

Established HVAC companies have lots of resources and employees to manage. Here are just some of the business requirements that field service software can help owners and their staff manage with more efficiency.

  • Licensing and Training Records: Keep track of state and local business licensing, as well as each employees’ individual records.
  • Insurance Documentation: Through the cloud, insurance information is available to every employee if and when it is needed.
  • Fleet and Independent Contractor Management: Real-time updates on each technician’s location let dispatchers send the best and most-qualified person to emergency calls while maintaining the schedule.
  • Inventory Management: Technicians in the field can see available parts and machinery and communicate better with customers about the timeline and process of repairs or maintenance.
  • Customer Service History: Each customer’s service history and warranty information is available on-demand so the technician is up to speed and ready to help.
  • Invoicing and Billing: Completing work orders in the same software that helps facilitate billing allows for easier invoicing, while a secure payment portal lets customers pay in the same place.
  • Customer Feedback: Many field service management portals allow for customers to be surveyed after the job is complete to collect insights and enable better performance in the future.

Is Any HVAC Software Free?

Certain free products can help HVAC businesses cobble together a solution that achieves some of these goals. However, these free tools may not integrate in the streamlined fashion that is necessary to achieve goals and growth long-term.

Free mobile apps can help with scheduling and dispatch but may not connect the technician in the field with a full service history for each client. Google Drive can provide basic resources like spreadsheets and shared documents, but these can be hard to access and edit in the field and may not update without a strong internet connection.

So, the short answer is, yes, there is free HVAC software, but it won’t achieve the same efficiency as a paid solution. In fact, depending on the combination of tools you choose, it may make things less efficient than a pen and paper method.

Which Software is Used in HVAC?

There are dozens of different paid software solutions on the market that are better suited to the needs of growing HVAC businesses. Here are a few lists that survey some of the leading options.

Construction World ranked 10 of the leading HVAC software tools.

Capterra ranks over 130 products for designing, selling, and servicing HVAC systems.

Tech.Co compares the pros and cons of different field service software in the HVAC industry.

When we at Circle City Software Solutions read these lists, however, we don’t see what we consider to be the best HVAC software on the market. Some of the solutions on these lists have a full suite of functionality, but the high price tag and long setup and training period to match. Other options on these lists cost less and take less effort to set up, but then certain functionality is limited or not customizable to your business.

That’s why we set up our HVAC clients with Acumatica. The world’s fastest-growing enterprise resource planning software, Acumatica represents the ideal intersection between a flat-rate, predictable cost and fully customizable features that align with your business goals. Acumatica is created with the intention to help HVAC companies satisfy their customers through more efficient, streamlined service. This translates to teams of employees and contractors who love their work versus being stressed out or overwhelmed.

Demo the Fastest Growing ERP Software, Acumatica

We invite you to empower your team and better serve your customers with a demo of Acumatica. From the time you spend managing accounts, to communicating about the schedule, to providing technicians in the field with inventory and service information, Acumatica can address all these issues and more. Our team leads with listening and works hard on your behalf to set up this solution and transform your business in just six weeks. Contact Circle City Software Solutions today to learn about the secret weapon of HVAC software that will help your business achieve a competitive edge in the market.