Is Your Data Providing You with Actionable Insights?

Is Your Data Providing You with Actionable Insights?

One of the most powerful tools a field service company can use to ensure they are growing in the right direction is analytics found through field service management software. There’s a wealth of information available to help grow your company, big or small, based on smart insights that drive great profits. Although, many organizations still struggle to extract actionable insights from their data. Analytics from field service management systems can help companies identify, understand, and adapt by looking into operational data, like the percent of callbacks and orders not serviced, to financial benchmarking such as renewal rate percentages and services gained or lost. Let’s take a deeper dive into how field services companies can put their data to work to find new efficiencies and opportunities using the right software solution.

How can I improve my field service?

Put simply, field service companies can make improvements with the data that they receive from field service management software. Within the last couple years, the field service industry has experienced vigorous growth resulting in increased demand by field service organizations for cost-effective solutions. Field service management software is available for companies to meet the demands of customers for the best service and thereby increase customer satisfaction. Field service management software can help companies who are looking to differentiate and personalize their services, reduce workforce costs, enhance employee productivity, and improve overall operational efficiency. 

According to FinancesOnline,  many field service organizations’ top challenges are:

  • Reviewing service history before visits
  • Service manual access
  • Knowledge base access
  • Spare parts inventory visibility
  • Access to clear, informative training videos

With the right software, field service organizations can turn their data into actionable steps to improve their work efficiencies. It has been reported that in field services who put their data to work, 44% see an increase in service-level agreement performance, 42% increase in customer retention, and 18% increase in service profit. .  Areas of improvement that can be addressed with the right field service management software include: 

  • Optimize Scheduling, dispatching, and call center activities
  • Optimize route planning
  • Maps integration
  • Mobile service management
  • Emergency service calls
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Service contract management
  • Warranty management
  • Dashboards and business intelligence
  • A team approach to sales and services
  • Track projects and costs 

With a field service management system, a company would be able to use their insights from the software and identify problem areas in their workflow, then take actionable steps to implement solutions to these problems.

For example, in our article “Increase Field Services Profitability With Resource Scheduling” we talk about how field service management software impacts scheduling and profitability. Have you ever gotten a call from a technician who can’t make it to a scheduled job on time because their current assignment is running long, only to lose a customer to competition who can be there right away? What about a technician who worked to get a new A/C unit on-site only to find out before installation begins that the customer’s current system was still under warranty? 

These problems can be avoided through a management system that allows technicians to optimize scheduling, review the service history of a client before they arrive at the appointment, find the best route to and from clients, manage inventory, view warranty information, and track the project’s progress. 89% of customers want to see modern, on-demand technology applied to their technician scheduling, and nearly as many customers would be willing to pay a premium for it.

Acumatica: Fully integrated, multi-resource scheduling for field service companies.

A truly comprehensive field service management software solution makes all the difference in your field service company. By integrating accounting, route scheduling, inventory, and warranty information in one tool, Acumatica Field Services Edition closes the loop and offers field services businesses a clear look at their overhead.

More than that, though, Acumatica makes it easier to schedule resources so they are where they need to be at the right time, every time. That means less time and money wasted on repeat visits, calls back and forth with the home office, and inefficient routes. In the HVAC game where a single percentage point can mean the difference between growth and stagnation, technology is the key to increasing profitability.

Ready to see Acumatica in action? Click here for a five-minute demo and case studies detailing how Acumatica unlocks new efficiencies for every role in your company.