Does Your HVAC Software Offer Full Mobility?

Does Your HVAC Software Offer Full Mobility?

There are hundreds of HVAC software programs available, from end to end solutions to programs that perform just a single function. But, with only 5% of HVAC companies making 95% of the profits nationally, how do you choose the right HVAC software that will work for your company and ensure your business runs smoothly?

Like much of the rest of the business world, the field services industry is increasingly requiring better software solutions. Industry leaders are predicting a growing need for smart HVAC software that provides companies with real-time information and full mobility. Fully-mobile field services software lets your entire staff, including field technicians, conduct day-to-day operations with 24/7 access to the business tools, functions and information they need to remain productive under any conditions. With full mobility, you can streamline your HVAC business requirements and improve your HVAC business model to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, ultimately leading to higher revenue.

Streamlining Business Requirements

While there are many HVAC software programs that help companies with their business requirements, the right software solution will actually improve HVAC business requirements. According to Digitalist Magazine, adopting software with fully mobile capabilities is one of the best solutions to boost the customer experience. With full mobility, field technicians can view information about upcoming jobs between visits, get notified of updates or changes from their manager or dispatcher, and even view customer service history before starting a job — all from their smartphone or tablet. 

Let’s consider the impact of this with an example. A field technician is en route to the second job of the day to repair a heating system. With full mobility, the technician can view customer service history, including that this heating system has been repaired a couple of times recently, before stepping foot on the customer’s site. Without it, the field technician may be walking into the job without any context or history, relying on the customer to provide that information. That then impacts customer experience and perception of your brand…perhaps costing you repeat business. 

With fully-mobile HVAC software, the technician is up to speed and ready to work immediately, quickening the repair process to get to the next job on time. And the customer is pleased with the field technician, who doesn’t need as much background information to get started. With nearly half of customers indicating they would post about their positive experiences on social media, there’s potential to not only improve HVAC business requirements but get unsolicited marketing from satisfied customers, too.

Improving the HVAC Business Model

HVAC software programs that are fully mobile can help support the HVAC business model by providing field technicians with real-time information to improve the customer experience, close sales and generate more revenue.

Consider this next scenario. While on an A/C repair, a field technician discovers the unit cannot be repaired and instead needs to be replaced. With fully-mobile HVAC software, the technician can access inventory, provide the customer with real-time information, and pass the customer along to the sales team to order a new unit in a matter of minutes. Without full mobility the technician may not have access to the inventory management system and may have to make a call to the sales team, or even go back to the office, before providing the customer with more information. 

Now let’s consider the impact. With quick, up-to-date information offered by fully-mobile software, the customer can order a new unit immediately. Without it, there could be a delay of hours to even days, giving the customer enough time to purchase a unit from one of more than 110,000 HVAC contractors in the United States. Fully-mobile software can help companies close sales faster and increase revenue.

Choose the Right HVAC Software: Acumatica

Choosing the right HVAC software comes down to this: you want the best software that will empower all of your staff to do every part of their job from anywhere. This will help improve the customer experience, which will in turn elevate customer satisfaction and boost revenue. 

That’s why we set our HVAC clients up with Acumatica. Acumatica provides an end to end, fully mobile HVAC software solution for service providers to run every aspect of their business. Choosing and implementing the right HVAC software program doesn’t have to be complicated. At Circle City Software Solutions, we’ll help you use Acumatica to create an edge over your competitors. Contact us today to schedule a free demo and learn how Acumatica can work for you.