HVAC: Are You Able to Manage Your Warranties?

HVAC: Are You Able to Manage Your Warranties?

When a client purchases a new HVAC system, they receive a warranty that covers certain repairs, replacement of major parts, guarantee of faulty equipment, and more. A typical HVAC warranty offers five- to ten-year limited warranties, which typically cover the compressor. Many HVAC contractors also offer labor warranties for a set term following the initial installation that cover defects associated with their work. How HVAC companies organize and manage these warranties so they can pull them up quickly later is crucial for a successful long-term business and relationship with clients. Let’s take a deeper dive into warranty management for HVAC companies, how they work, and the benefits of using a modern management software solution that can handle this—and all the other parts of your business.

HVAC Installation Warranty Basics

A typical HVAC company more than likely knows the common questions clients ask about warranties: How long are our AC units under warranty?”, “How does a HVAC warranty work?”, or “How do I know if my AC is still under warranty?”

Having your information organized and ready to present to the client when they ask these questions are what makes an HVAC company successful and maintains client retention. 

Most manufacturers allow owners to look up existing air conditioner, furnace, or other unit warranty information on their websites. This is usually done by entering the unit’s serial number, which will recall all warranty coverage associated with the system. Modern HVAC companies are starting to trend the same way by having an artificial intelligence system that allows companies to organize their warranties digitally and allow clients to pull them up in their system. 

When a client purchases a new HVAC system, they receive a warranty to cover basic repairs, replacement of major parts, and guarantee of faulty equipment. Since buying an air conditioning system, furnace, heat pump, or indoor comfort unit is a big investment, providing  written terms that explains the parts under warranty, any extended warranties, what voids the warranty, and installation terms, will help clients understand their investment before the commitment. 

Here is an HVAC labor warranty template that can aid in understanding what a solid warranty looks like. 

Managing HVAC Warranties

How do you manage your HVAC warranties? The analog days of filing or using Microsoft Excel are far behind us, or at least they should be. Instead, field service management software can give your team the information and coordination needed to optimize your resources. 

When immediate service isn’t needed, field services management software can still be at work for the clients and the business. Automation can make proactive maintenance and warranty tracking easier than ever. A field services management system can also keep track of current warranties and other customer loyalty initiatives like credits or discounts.

Having a management software can keep your customers comfortable and satisfied, which is at the core of a successful business. Running operations with speed and efficiency is critical to serving customers and keeping ahead of competition.

Chose Acumatica, Circle City Software Solutions’ Field Service Management Software

A truly comprehensive field service management software solution makes all the difference in your field service company. Circle City Software Solutions is proud to empower HVAC companies with Acumatica, Field Services Edition, which integrates accounting, route scheduling, inventory, and warranty information in one tool. Acumatica closes the loop and offers field services businesses a clear look at their overhead.

With a 360-degree view of customer activities, an HVAC company can improve their overall customer experience and elevate customer satisfaction to earn higher recurring revenues and gain a competitive advantage. 

All the applications are web-based and accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere, which is ideal for field workforce. Acumatica’s unlimited user licensing and role-based security lets your entire staff and field representatives conduct day-to-day operations with full 24/7 access to the business tools and functions they need to remain productive under any conditions. Companies are able to pull up a client’s warranty information, understand the unit’s history, and correctly relay information to clients about repairs and benefits of the warranty.

Circle City Software Solutions believes in providing exactly the software functionality that is needed and teaching your team to make the most of it. Ready to see Acumatica in action? Click here to learn more about Acumatica and how it can benefit your business.