HVAC: Is Your Service Management Integrated with Projects?

HVAC: Is Your Service Management Integrated with Projects?

HVAC professionals are busy and hardworking, and it’s easy to get stuck in the mindset of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Unfortunately, this mindset often leads to settling for the bare minimum of functionality and following tradition – doing things “how we’ve always done it.” What if you replaced that with the question: “it ain’t broke, so how can we improve it?” Let’s take a deeper dive into how HVAC companies can transform their process by integrating their projects and service management. We’ll examine the benefits of using a modern management software solution that can handle with ease all the service management tasks you can throw at it—while also transforming all the other parts of your business.

What is an HVAC project?

This might seem like a basic question, but sometimes reviewing the basics can be extremely helpful. HVAC projects can range from the design, planning, and installation of different systems in new construction or existing buildings or they can involve fixing or maintaining already installed heating, ventilation, or air conditioning systems. This can also include emergency fixes and other time-sensitive jobs. You may have an entire team of people working on multiple projects simultaneously, which requires a lot of multitasking. Due to the complicated nature of HVAC project management, many HVAC businesses have cobbled together their own HVAC project planning and service management solutions from a variety of software in order to get their daily tasks accomplished. 

What is service management and service management software?

Service management is the cornerstone of the HVAC business and the day-to-day activities are in your hands. Service management software, also known as HVAC project management software, provide all the business tools and functions that you need in order to keep your customers happy. These software solutions will help you plan and execute all the tasks in order to conduct your business. From planning to dispatching to invoicing, a modern service management software can revolutionize your work. However, many service management professionals inherited a mess and are stuck using cobbled together solutions like physical HVAC project management templates , old spreadsheets, and outdated software. 

What are the benefits of integrating service management with projects?

Picture how many programs you have to log into and now image if you just had one place to go, and what a difference a truly integrated and comprehensive HVAC project management software could make. With Acumatica Field Service edition, you can easily do things like: 

  • Optimize Scheduling, Dispatching and Call Center Activities
  • Optimize Route Planning
  • Vision of technician load by day/week
  • Priority of installs/service (highest margin, and fastest response requirement)
  • Automated scheduling of PM work and contract renewals
  • Tracking warranty issues by technician
  • Photo/File attachment from the field
  • Customer notification
  • Timekeeping
  • Vision of technician schedule and status on calendar and GPS
  • Piece rate calculations by technician
  • Quick access to service order history
  • Speed in adding appointments
  • Vision/Reporting of appointment history with total miles traveled per tech
  • Jobs waiting on parts
  • Alert to canceled or rescheduled appointments
  • Alert to Late service appointments
  • Overtime alert/approvals

All of these features help you do your job easily and accurately, and Acumatica Field Service edition also helps everyone else at your office do their job as well. This software integrates with your CRM for a 360-degree view of your customers, and is accessible from any device, anytime and anywhere so your field technicians can do things like view their schedules, get directions, take notes, record the inventory used, invoice customers and more. A unique feature of Acumatica Field Services Management is that it is part of Acumatica ERP, not a bolt-on application. Get rid of your outdated software and exit out of those spreadsheets! With a fully integrated service management software like Acumatica, you and your whole team have the tools needed to do your best.

How can you accomplish true integration? 

True integration means finding a software solution that goes beyond just service management. You need a ERP software that connects all of your back office functions into one application so that everything can run smoothly. Many businesses have disjointed programs and use a combination of different softwares that may not talk to each other or compliment each other well. Acumatica Field Services Management is the right fit to eliminate cobbled together “solutions” and get better insights into how your business is functioning as a whole. 

What’s the first step towards integrating modern management software solutions? 

It can be intimidating to change your mindset and explore the possibilities with a new software solution. However, here at Circle City Software Solutions, we are here to help you get set up with Acumatica and transition into an end to end, fully mobile HVAC software solution that will take your business to the next level. Contact us today to schedule a free demo and explore the possibilities of asking the right questions and using a fully integrated, modern solution.