Which Software is Used in HVAC?

Which Software is Used in HVAC?

With 43% of HVAC business owners expecting 5-10% growth or more this year, the question of how to gain a competitive edge has never been more essential. Field services software is one of the ways companies are achieving efficiencies and coordinating functions between the back office and technicians. Here are some of the features and functionality to consider as you choose from the options on the market to pick the right tool for your growing business.

HVAC Software for Small Businesses

Field services software for small businesses can be incredibly useful, but each business has unique needs and culture concerns that must be supported by software. 40% of the HVAC workforce is employed at companies with 10 employees or less. These teams don’t need fancy or complicated software, but rather a platform that can be configured to their existing workflow and operations. This primarily includes job management and invoicing.

HVAC Job Management Software

HVAC job management software supports both technicians and dispatchers in scheduling the work that needs to be done. A premier field services platform enables technicians to see a customer’s entire service history alongside warranty information and available inventory for repairs or maintenance. At the same time, the dispatcher can track the progress and location of the technician in real-time, allowing them to schedule emergency service calls and make changes to the schedule without disrupting the day of work for the team.

HVAC Invoicing Software

HVAC invoicing software allows the administrative employees of the business to manage the accounts in a way that also meets the expectations of today’s consumers. Many types of invoicing software also integrate with a customer-facing payment portal so that clients can pay digitally, even while the technician is still on-site. When invoices are generated directly from the work order, this also ensures accuracy in billing for parts and services.

Is There Good Free HVAC Software?

Free HVAC software solutions allow businesses to harness the power of digital transformation while also sticking to the budget. However, these solutions can also create more work for the team when information isn’t connected across platforms. When a technician, dispatcher, or administrator has to use multiple software tools to get one job done, this actually creates inefficiencies and interruptions to what could otherwise be a streamlined and integrated workflow.

Acumatica: Best HVAC Software for Small Business

At Circle City Software Solutions, we stand behind Acumatica as a transformative solution for small HVAC businesses. Acumatica’s full suite of features can be custom-configured to support technicians and back office staff in a way that aligns with and improves the existing operations. With pricing that is specifically designed for growing small businesses, this platform enables HVAC businesses to achieve the full benefits of modernization without the expense of an enterprise solution. Pay only for what you use while giving your workforce the tools they need to grow your business.

Circle City Software Solution wants to take the time to get to know you and identify how Acumatica can be tailored to meet your needs, not require you to compromise. Our effort is always applied to help you get more out of the products at your disposal. Reach out to us today to schedule a demo!