What are the Best HVAC Tech Apps?

What are the Best HVAC Tech Apps?

HVAC technicians have a wide variety of tools at their disposal and that now includes mobile apps. But what are the best mobile apps for an HVAC technician or student? Let’s dive in and take a look at what digital tools are available for you. 


What are the best hvac tech apps?

Whether you are looking for an hvac home app to assist you with your residential projects, an app to help with your commercial installations, or one to assist you in HVAC school, we’ve compiled a list of apps to help. 

Residential and Commercial App List

  • Acumatica Mobile
    Acumatica is a web-based software solution that offers an iOS and Android native app so you can use their end-to-end HVAC business tools wherever your job takes you. From tools like maps integration that will give you directions to the next site or invoicing customers at the end of a job, Acumatica has you covered.

    Cost: the app itself is free, but you must have an Acumatica license. Contact CCSS for more information.  
  • HVAC Buddy – iOS and Android
    HVAC Buddy helps diagnose and determine the proper settings for refrigeration. This app includes features like:
    • Targeted vs. actual subcooling calculation
    • Airflow / Delta-T / TEET calculation
    • Imperial (IP) or Metric (SI) capabilities
    • Leaks, overcharge, and contaminants diagnosis
    • Target superheat and subcool tables
    • System status report email
    • Real-time output
    • User-friendly instructions

Cost: $9.99

  • HVAC Check & Charge
    This mobile app gives you an on-site refrigerant charge calculator for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. You can easily calculate the correct system refrigerant charge for a variety of refrigerants. This app includes three calculators to help you determine the correct charges: 
    • Airflow calculator
    • Subcooling calculator (TXV)
    • Superheat calculator (non TXV)

Cost: Free

  • iHandy Level
    Instead of loading up your toolbelt with extra gadgets, you can download the iHandy level for a beautiful and accurate level right on your phone. Once you have calibrated the app on your phone, you’ll always have a functional level with you—as long as you don’t lose your phone. You’ll have straight angles, slopes, and verticals with this handy app.

    Cost: Free


HVAC School App List

There’s a lot to remember when training to become an HVAC professional! Here are some apps that may be useful while studying:

  • Complete HVAC Dictionary Free
    This quick and easy reference guide for HVAC subject areas includes 3000+ terms with detailed description of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning terms. From studying on-the-go to a quick on-the-job refresher, this app can help you with all the HVAC jargon you need to know.

    Cost: Free


  • HVAC School App
    The HVAC School app is designed for current and aspiring HVAC technicians. With this app, you can listen to the HVAC School podcast, read tech tip articles written by industry professionals, and use calculators with common HVAC equations to help build your understanding of HVAC formulas.

    Cost: Free 
  • HVAC Exam Quiz App
    This app is excellent for self-study and exam preparation. It features an HVAC practice test interface with a timer. You can create custom exams or use one of the learning modes: study, slide show, matching, memorize, or quiz. Don’t have time to create a custom exam? There are plenty of practice sets already built in with this useful app.

    Cost: Free


  • HVAC Flashcards App
    Flashcards are an essential tool for any student. This app includes thousands of pre-made flashcards that cover all aspects of HVAC exams, from air distribution and balance to electric and gas heat to controls. These flashcards can help you study effectively and track your study progress. You can customize flashcards and use text to speech to study flashcards when you need a break from the screen. This flashcard app includes a ton of tools for HVAC students to help you prepare.

    Cost: $4.99 per month

What is the best HVAC load calculation software?

If you’re looking for the best HVAC load calculation app, here are a few options for your consideration.


  • HVAC Quick Load
    HVAC Quick Load is the only rule-of-thumb HVAC load app for iPhone and iPad. You can perform quick heating and cooling load calculations for many different types of buildings ranging from commercial to residential and more.

    Cost: $6.99 
  • HVAC Load Plus
    This app helps you calculate detailed heating and cooling block loads for small commercial and residential buildings when you’re out in the field. These calculations are based on industry standard methods, and actually all the functionality of the above app, HVAC Quick Load, to help you perform rule-of-thumb heating and cooling load calculations by putting in the building type, square area, and number of people. HVAC Load Plus includes a variety of features, including a weather database, data for different construction types, ability to view breakdown reports, and equipment location services.  

Cost: $24.99

What is the best app for an HVAC technician?

Here at Circle City Software Solutions, we believe that the best app is the one that helps you do your job. That’s why we at Circle City Software Solutions recommend Acumatica for HVAC field service management. Acumatica is a software solution that can help you run your whole business, from the back office to a mobile app on your technician’s phone. 

Acumatica’s unlimited user licensing and role-based security lets your entire staff and field representatives conduct day-to-day operations with full 24/7 access to the business tools and functions they need to remain productive under any conditions. Contact us today to learn more about Acumatica and how this tool can help you work smarter, not harder.